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Thank you in advance
Browsing again your site I have to congratulate both Margit & Aage for the outstanding work you have put in it.I have bought only a pipe from you, but I will repeat for sure: the pipe was EXACTLY as described.When you live in a town where there aren't any pipe shops and you cannot see and feel in your hands the pipe you want to buy, the accuracy from the seller is a priceless virtue.Thank you very much. E. Herrera (from Spain)

Dear Margit and Aage:I have now had two weeks with the Sixten Ivarsson pipe I purchased from you and Imust tell you that I feel privileged to own such an important piece of pipe making history. It is truly a pleasure both to admire and to smoke this wonderful pipe.  I feel responsible to care for it in a way that will ensure that it survives long after I am gone.  At each stage of our transaction you were helpful and supportive and truly a delight to deal with.I know that when I make my next major pipe purchase I can come to you with confidence. 
That means a great deal.Thank you.
Best,  Warren Wigutow    Maryland - USA

Dear Margit and Aage,I was very happy to see that you are now offering J. Alan pipes, made  by Jeff Gracik of San Diego. As you know, I mainly collect high grade Danish pipes, but I have acquired more than a dozen J. Alan pipes during the past year-and-a-half because they are beautiful and smoke so well. Lars Ivarsson met Jeff Gracik at the Chicago show and told me he believes Jeff has real talent. Also, Per Hansen saw some of Jeff's pipes recently and said the same thing.I highly recommend these pipes. And I hope to see both of you soon!
Best regards,Rick Newcombe

I should like to congratulate Aage and Margit upon their site and the best customer service one can expect.Margit is most helpful and congenial.This lady always gives her best when dealing with clients and deserves great appreciation.Top quality pipes on offer and I recently bought two.I am definitly a happy and future customer. From Pierre,Sydney,New South Wales,AUSTRALIA.

Dunhill Dress 
Recieved my dress pipes today 11/12 in mint condition not one single scratch on the bowls.excellent and very fast shipping.
I can warmly recommend using Bisgaard as supplier of top grade pipes.
I will definetly use them again.
Best regards from Sweden
/Kim Ekdahl

Stanwell Royal Briar 108 
Just wanted to say thank you. My pipe arrived today and is everything I expected. One has to be so careful today when buying online. I can hardly wait to order again!Paul Kuziel

Definetly serious!! 
Dear Margit, dear Aage:
I am enjoying to smoke my Stanwell Sterling Pipe. And I want to say: thank you. It is not granted that buying online is safe. But Bisgaard Pipes is safe and that I want to say to all new customers.
Maybe some day another Pipe looks on me and says: buy me, buy me!!
Thank you and bye bye!
Frank Kukuck

Very Good Selection of High Grade Pipes 
Greetings from the USA!
I came across your Site and Was Amazed at the High Quality Pipes that You Sell and have in Stock! I Definitely will Return to Purchase One within the Very Near Future!Keep Up the Good Work!
Best Regards,
John Paul Charmo

Well Pleased
Dear Margit:I would like to thank you and all the good people at Bisgaard Pipes for providing the premiere pipe shop on the inter-net. The selection is broad and attention to photograph makes shopping a pleasure. Shipping time to the U.S. is only 5-6 days.Kevin Frayer:
Vincennes IN, USA

Many thanks!
Dear Margit & Aage,I received my new Stanwell today! It is my first sandblasted, and I love it :-) Thanks for the great service!Laszlo Fenyo
Budapest, Hungary

Thank You!
Dear Margit & Aage,I received my Stanwell filter pipe today; it's terrific!Thanks for the Great Service and Great Pipe!-John

Pipes purchased
The pipes I bought from you arrived at my home in Montgomery, Alabama U.S.A. on Wednesday, 3 days after I ordered them and were in great shape. I found them to be just as you represented them to be and I am enjoying them very much. I will surely shop with you in the future and I thank you for your prompt service.
T. Dudley Perry

Complimenti per il sito.
Spero di vedervi a Bologna (Italia).Paolo Tirini

Pipe Purchase
Thank you so much for the wonderful pipe and excellent service. Your website is often one that I look at in hopes of finding wonderful pipes to buy.~Best,
Ian Weeks
Chicago, Illinois

Glad to have found your site....
Thanks for putting all the work into such excellent photos. It makes the hunt for my 'perfect' first pipe that much more enjoyable. Matthew (on the Mexican border in Arizona).

What a wonderful website... I'm so excited to found lots of nice briar here...

Wonderful Site
The pickings in Alaska are slim so to find such a wonderful site that just happens to have my favorite country of orgins for pipes. Soooo many pipes soooo litle time....Thanks

Atlanta Pipe Club - Mark Vignault
I reside here in Atlanta, GA. Bjarne Nielsen does come to visit us once or twice a year at our local shop. They do sell sell Bang, Jorn Larsen, Kai Nielsen, and Former. I was very in

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