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As you very well know, next to pipe cleaners, a good tamper is the most vital tool for the perfect smoke experience.
Tampers comes in all shapes, sizes and colors - some as collectors items and others as simple traditional tools from the Czech Republic. All do the same job - more or less - namely tamps the tobacco gently down your bowl as you smoke it.
However, many of the tampers out there simply just tamps the tobacco straight down and in that act, builds a lid of ash on top of your amber, which might make it difficult to keep a nice and even burn in your bowl.
Now, this is where Gabriele’s background as an engineer comes in handy. By turning the tamping surface from a traditional 90° on the tamper into a 45° angel you now not only press down the tobacco but also moves the tobacco from the edge of the chamber to the center where the combustion is strongest - like when you maintain a camp fire...
Combining the engineers take on the perfect tamper with the artisans hart for understatement and simplifications you end up with some of the most charming and highly functional tampers we have ever seen - the G-Tamper from Gabriele...
Gabriele uses the very hard Boxwood and sometimes Olive wood for his tampers and he very often keep the naturalistic look of the wood by leaving some of the bark on. All tapers are heavily buffed and polished with Canuber wax and they will keep forever.
All tampers comes in it’s own soft leather pouch with the G-Tamper logo embossed - a very pocket friendly thing...

Even if you don’t smoke a Gabriele pipe you will love his tamper...

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1.  Gabriele Tamper
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2.  Gabriele Tamper
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3.  Gabriele Tamper
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4.  Gabriele Tamper
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5.  Gabriele Tamper
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6.  Gabriele Tamper
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